A massive thank you for looking after Austin during the last 2 years.  We had a shaky start with him being

so upset but that is long forgotten. Austin says with huge excitement and determination how much he LOVES his preschool and that is down to you and your wonderful staff. Enjoy a well deserved break and see you in September with Alec.

Austin has changed so much during the last two years and his confidence has massively grown whilst being at Little Learners.  Thank you so much for letting us spend a day during a session.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time and value how much effort and time you spend in planning the sessions.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for James in his first year of Preschool. We are so grateful for the work you’ve put into his learning journey. James will miss you all but you’ve given him a great start. Thanks again.

Wow, what a learning journey for Jaspyr! At the heart of it is you! from the moment you first met Jaspyr I felt you ‘got him’ and that shows in the amazing progress he has made.

To the wonderful ladies of Elmwood Preschool keep doing what you’re doing each and every one of you is an absolute star and I shall miss being a preschool mum more than I could ever express in words. Thank You for everything.

I just wanted to drop a line to you all to pass on to Bev and all the teachers for last nights wonderful Experience Evening.  It was really lovely to come along with Neil, who rarely gets an insight into what goes into Preschool and to spend some time looking around Little Learners.

I was really pleased to learn from Bev P that a daily sheet is displayed on the Little Learners window of what they have been up to in the day.  I found this so useful and will look after every session now as I am forever asking CG what he has been doing-his reply “nothing”.

It was so nice to also see photos of the children in play and understand more about Little Learners and the transition they are working toward.  Thank you to Bev P and Louise for talking through everything with us and spending time explaining.


We both really enjoyed the activities and demonstrations in Preschool and so much time and effort went into everything demonstrated on the Parents Experience Evening.
We really appreciated this and especially as most of you had been there all day.  Also I would like to say Thank you to Jane for email bulletins. I find them really useful. Thanks again.

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